September 23, 2018
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Our Email Autoresponders are easy, web-based email marketing software applications that deliver your campaigns, offers, newsletters, follow-ups and autoresponder messages with accuracy and ease. Timing is everything and now may not be the right time. Automatic email follow-up helps keep your message in front of each prospect. This increases conversion rates and revenue.

   With our Email Autoresponders You Can...

Use our custom capture forms to gather your own prospects or login and add friends or load leads. Create your own emails or use our professionally crafted letters.

Send your emails and letters manually to your lists in mass or to an individual or let the system do it all for you automatically. Eliminate the management headaches.

Our system allows you to see what emails are being delivered, who is opening them, and who is clicking to view your information. No more guesswork or cold calls!

Instant reports are created with each mailing campaign. Take notes, schedule appointments and organize and prioritize your lists by interest not by telepathy!


  • Unlimited list categories and broadcasts - Create an unlimted number of categories to sort your lists by and to send broadcasts.
  • Professionally designed HTML templates and letters - Use your proven, professionally designed letters and emails to get your campaign off right.
  • Create an unlimited number of your own letters - Create your own letters, as many as you want to reach out to your lists and prospects. Keep them informed of last minute changes, sales or events.
  • Unlimited message length - Messages can be of an unlimited length and size. There is no limite to the information you want to send.
  • Both HTML and Plain Text Support - Emails are sent by either HTML or Plain Text to maximize deliverability. Each pre-designed message has each version and you can create your own too.
  • WYSIWYG online editor for HTML - Our state of the art 100% cross platform compatible editor allows you to create stunning HTML messages and content.
  • Huge Royalty free image and media gallery - Access our media and image galleries to add pictures, animation and sound to your emails and messages.
  • Easy Setup and Management - Our systems are easy to setup and virtually run themselves.
  • Unparalleled email deliverability - Getting your message delivered is the most important aspect of any campaign. We have a reliable track record and are constantly working with the companies to stay whitelisted and unfiltered.
  • Automated Bounce-back Management. - Bad email address or full email box, either one creates a bounce-back message that can be time consuming to manage. We take away the pain with our automated system.
  • Instant Tracking of Click Throughs and Deliverability - Find out immediately when someone clicks your emails for information. Stay on top of email addresses that go bad or when their box gets full.
  • Easy List Exportation - Want to take your list with you? No problem. Our system allows you to export you list so you can use it as you like. After all it is your list!
  • Comliance with 2003 Can-Spam Act - Feel comfortable knowing that your campaign is comliant with all applicable laws.
  • Add Prospects or Purchase Leads/Traffic - You can purchase leads to be loaded into your account or have traffic driven to your capture page to build your list automatically.
  • Automated Instant Opt-Out - No hassle opt-out. Your prospects can merely click a link to stop receiving your messages.
  • Top-notch support and training - Contact us 7 days a week for support and training on your system.


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