September 23, 2018
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pmanWe created our Prospect/Contact Manager to be the complete solution for Companies, Groups and Individual home business owners. We have accomplished this by allowing you to have complete control of all your incoming prospects and by giving you the tools needed to manage them successfully. It is available as a standalone for those who already have a website and is also included in one of our existing solutions.

This unique and powerful tool is extremely helpful in maintaining relationships with people and associates and is accessible via any internet connected computer. Just simply login to the interface and you have immediate access from anywhere in the world.

Prospect Manager Standard Features
  • Prospect Manager features include:
    • Online access from any computer connected to the internet
    • Collect information from visitors with customizable forms and surveys or one of our effective capture pages
    • Edit prospects information easily
    • Prospect search - find who you are looking for in an instant
    • Auto-responders send personal messages from you to all of your leads instantly
    • Track email open rates, click-thu rates and visits for marketing effectiveness
    • Personal notes (only viewable by you) can be attached to prospects so you can keep track of progress and communication
    • Appointment tracking and scheduling is easy with our included Appointment Scheduler
    • Our exclusive Activity Monitor lets you see the information the prospect has viewed on your site so that you know what they know before you talk to them
    • Important dates, meetings and conference call reminders are sent to your prospects automatically
    • Leads, purchased from us, are automatically loaded into your Prospect Manager for immediate traffic and business growth
    • A training area that showcases quality services, tools, scripts and information that can get your business rolling
    • Schedule a demo of our Prospect Manager us.


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